It’s almost there – our End of Year Show ‘Luminance’. Our whole KCC class is really excited to present our works and there will be lots of different genres and a number of different techniques on display. Have a look at our website and catalogue! The private view will be on Thursday, 7th July, 18.30-21.00. … More Luminance


On my journeys through experimental photography I stumbled across physoautotypes. A glass plate covered with an emulsion of alcohol and resin is exposed in the sun and the image then developed over turpentine fumes. The process was invented by Niépce and Daguerre in 1832. They used silver plates instead of glass plates which they exposed in … More Physautotypes

Plant Power Printing

Recently, I’ve been trying out alternative processes. I didn’t know there were so many ways to print images outside of the darkroom and without a printer! Initially, I was at a complete loss, what to do but then I discovered the website that introduces many techniques and processes. Also, the book Experimental Photography: A … More Plant Power Printing

Scratched and Blurry

  When in the late 19th century Kodak invented the first handheld amateur camera, some photographers tried to distance their art from those snapshots. These Pictorialists did not want to record a straightforward picture but craft a piece of art. They manipulated their pictures in labor-intensive printing processes which controlled the final appearance of the image. … More Scratched and Blurry